About Us

Adare's Old Creamery has been part of the owner, Helen Mackessy, family's world since it was founded as a Creamery in the early 1900's.  Her Grandfather, Michael Hanly was one of the founders of this co-operative creamery and her father was a milk supplier in later years .  Helen recalls "I remember coming with my father to the Creamery as a child, when I would be sent down the street in Adare, to get the Irish Press newspaper, while he was waiting for the milk to be taken in.  I was always amazed by the many tourists, mostly American's, visiting the village, taking photos of the ever-irish donkey and cart, with 3 tankards, tied to a pole at the town hall.  The thatched cottages, even then, were a novelty."

She purchased it as a derelict building in the 90's as it had been left vacant for over a decade.  She was very anxious to keep the building and do something memorable in it.  As she loved Christmas, she wanted the Creamery to be, yet again, a place where people can meet and feel at home.  A place where they can come in and relax!

As the years have passed, the Creamery has been refurbish and evolved into that special place!  The premises itself with it's interlinking rooms, has become a kind of magic trail, with each room having a different theme changing with the seasons. Tourists now come to see the Creamery and all that it has to offer.  The Christmas Store is renowned country-wide, for it's charm and elegance and for the true feeling of Christmas once you step inside their amazing wonderland.  The Christmas Store has become one of the most talked about Christmas shops in Ireland, and is home to Santa Claus for the month of December each year.

You can feel that a lot of heart has gone into Adare's Old Creamery.  This is reflected in their friendly staff who's constant care, help keep the Creamery that "special" place.  It is so important that the Creamery is not lost to the history books once more. In these challenging times, let the Creamery help you forget the trials and tribulations of your everyday lives, while keeping the Creamery open for years to come!